Mr Turner, acting Headmaster, talks to The Oak

Before Mr Turner began his important job in January, Kamal and Kit (Pageites, Fourths) put him through his paces by asking him a few questions!:

How long have you been at Charterhouse and what jobs have you had?

I began working at Charterhouse in September 1999 as a teacher in Politics and then teacher of Theory of Knowledge. Later on I became the Head of Politics and also a Latin teacher. In Easter 2010 I became Second Master. During my time at Charterhouse, I have also been a sports coach in fives and cricket.

What is your favourite place in School?

The Chapel is a lovely place in the School but the South African cloister is also a wonderful place which I like to visit. I enjoy going to support matches taking place around the school during my free time, or watching whatever activities pupils are participating in.

Where do you feel happiest in your life?

I feel most relaxed in the Pyrenees during the middle of summer and also in Yorkshire. Again, the School Chapel is also an extremely quiet place and which mentally and physically calms me. I also relish morning walks through the pathways in the woods alongside the golf course.

When you are not at school, what are your hobbies?

During the holidays I often read relax with a good book and go on long peaceful walks. I do watch films, but only once in a blue moon. I also enjoy cooking, but what I enjoy cooking the most is curry, although to be honest I am not sure I am very good at it.

What are you looking forward to doing when you become Headmaster?

Mainly I am looking forward to letting people get on with what they are good at in their school life. I have found that if I let people get on with things, then they are happy and we all seem to enjoy life more.

Have you been given any advice about what to do when you become Headmaster?

I was in a meeting with another headmaster and he told me that what you should do is, make a very physical change in the school and then let things settle for a year. I was also told not to make big changes just for the sake of it and to never rush things.

If you were to be in an upcoming movie which famous actor would play you?

I would choose a young Dustin Hoffman, James Stewart or Samuel L. Jackson.

It is the worst thing that you have done in your time at secondary school?

In school I was not a boy that teachers had to keep a close eye on and certainly not a rebel. I was always too busy enjoying my time at school and I was well liked by my Housemaster. In school I never did anything too serious apart for the common things like being told to tie my shoelace or to tuck my shirt etc..!


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