Music in Hong Kong


On Thursday October 13th, Sixteen of Charterhouse’s finest musicians departed for a four-day, whirlwind trip to Hong Kong accompanied by Mr Shepherd and Ms Fletcher. Highlights of the trip include: A Carthusian Gala in an esteemed Hong Kong club, boat trips around the harbour, a relaxing morning on the beach, and meals in both mountain-top and floating restaurants.

The Gala was a huge success, with Carthusian musicians providing outstanding music throughout the night; showing off their great talent and stamina. Their stylish playing matched the glamour of the Hong Kong Marine Club, and received praise from many distinguished guests. Amongst the performers were members of the Chamber Choir, Norfolk Wind Ensemble, and Chamber Orchestra, who had been rehearsed at school by Mr Smeeton, Mr Shepherd and Mr Parsons.

Despite a large presence of western cuisine in Hong Kong, most of our meals were traditional Chinese menus. We rarely received the menu itself, so we waited with much anticipation to see what would be prepared by the chef. We were fortunate enough to be treated to both lunch and dinner courtesy of the Hong Kong Board and Mrs Chan, who were very hospitable to us all.

The trip was enjoyed greatly by everyone, and we owe our thanks to all the beaks involved.


Ben Munden

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