A day in the life..

..Of a Yearling

As a Yearling, beginning at Charterhouse for the first time was tough and I found my experience daunting and frightening as I wasn’t used to having a full clean sheet: new classmates, new teachers, new school and new experiences. However, thanks to the supportive staff and friends, settling in and integrating much easier than it first seemed. In this article I hope to show the normal day of the Carthusian yearling.

This is the typical day of a boy from Lockites:

“I wake up at 7:00am and lie in till 7:25 before I go to breakfast at 7:30. I prefer the mornings where we get pancakes, waffles and chocolate croissants as they make really great pastries. I get ready and leave for school at 8:20 as it takes about 10 minutes to get to Chapel from the new Houses. My favourite days for lessons are Thursdays or Wednesdays because we have Art, DT and Theology which are my favourite lessons. At quarter I get Nutella toasties before more lessons, as they are tasty and quick to make. After lessons I have lunch then either go to sports or visit my friends in other Houses. I usually watch movies or play ping pong with them. I have supper at 6:30pm before banco (homework). At 8:45pm after banco I go to the Astros to play football and then get ready for bed at 9:45pm.

At Charterhouse besides the work we have free time to roam the campus and pursue extra-curricular activities such as societies and sport. In our year, societies such as current affairs, aeronautical society, investors challenge and many more are on offer. As well as that we have a diverse ‘minor sports’ category which allow us to choose sports which are new to us. We are very lucky to have all of these opportunities in and out of the classroom as we can meet new people and make friends for life.

My last one and a half term’s have been the best time of my life as I have learnt new experiences and met many new people. I honestly believe that the values we have at Charterhouse set people up for life.”

Aaryan Kapoor (L,4)