What Boarding Is Really Like

Boarding, scary as it may seem has its benefits – and lots of them. It brings a whole different aspect of education with it; independence, manners and determination.

I spoke to some Fourths in Gownboys about what they like about boarding; one said ‘It is a good way to socialize with friends and play games.’ Obviously, this benefit is apparent in any school, day schools as well. But as you are with your friends the whole time here at Charterhouse, there is a sense of friendship and understanding that cannot be emulated in any other situation. Another Gownboy fourth- Gus McLellan – said ‘As your friends are around you all the time, you do everything together. It is like living a school trip.’

At Charterhouse, we have a lot of international boarders. I spoke to a Fourth from Saudi Arabia about found out how he found boarding. He stated ‘At school I have more freedom than I do at home and therefore learn things like independence. Also, the education is better here than in Saudi Arabia.’ At a boarding school, you do mainly everything on your own: putting your clothes in for the wash, tidying your room and doing homework. This can be daunting at first, but overall is good for you and helps you in later life.

A statistic shows that the ten leading independent schools in the country account for 12% of ‘leading people’. Mumsnet.com. Pretty much all of these are boarding schools. This is not just because the education is better than others, but that you are taught skills that would not be acquired any where else.

Charlie Turner (G, 4)