Carthusians volunteer in local church

Every Monday, a group of Carthusians volunteer to help clean St Mary’s Parish, the local church in Godalming. Between Emmy, Christina, Izzy, Dimitrii, Alex and Clari jobs are appointed to the group. Such as hoovering the carpets, polishing pews and candlesticks, dusting cobwebs from the walls, cleaning the doors and sorting out the children’s toys.

Izzy and Emmy interview Jean Brand, the Churchwarden at St Mary’s…

Has and how have Charterhouse pupils helped the church and its community?

“Yes. People have noticed how clean and nice the church is looking, your cleaning has helped to keep the church intact.”

How many people attend the church services?

“It depends. If there are no hymns there might only be about a dozen attending. However, if it’s another occasion, such as Easter there is around 90 people.

Remembrance service is by far the biggest service.”

Favourite hymn?

“The Lord of the Dance.”

Who previously cleaned the church?

“A local family took it in turns to clean the church, it was not as beautifully cleaned.”

What events occur at the church?

“Concerts have been performed at the church, including Aldro and George Abbot (previous Archbishop of Canterbury).


Izzy Huber and Emmy Nicholls (1YS)