CCF’s Captain Burrell-Taylor recognised in the New Year’s Honours List

Charterhouse CCF is incredibly fortunate to have Captain Burrell-Taylor as its adjutant and instructor. Since joining in 2002 with 20 years of cadet training experience under her belt, the CCF here has continued to grow for the better. She joined Leatherhead ACF (Army Cadet Force) in 1983, and quickly flew through the ranks, becoming a Detachment commander, a Company commander and eventually the Battalion commander.

However, Captain Burrell-Taylor felt she was becoming too detached from what she originally joined the cadet force for: the cadets themselves. Since joining Charterhouse, she has been able to get back to working with cadets, watching them change and grow, and this is what she described to be ‘the best job ever.’ It was for this service (over 32 years) to the Cadet forces that she was awarded her MBE, as nominated by Major Follet. Furthermore, she has been selected as the Commandant of the British Cadet Rifle Team’ for the 2017 Canada tour.

Captain Burrell-Taylor and the cadets


However, Captain Burrell-Taylor’s service to the school doesn’t end there. She worked in Domestic Services for a time, and was able to find out more about the school which she grew to love for its tradition and history, as well as its own way of life. She was offered a ‘6-month trial’ of overseeing the Armoury Run, which turned out to be a rather lengthier 10-year trial! During her time on duty once a week in Stainers girl’s house, Captain Burrell-Taylor has been able to find more about the girls who she sees barely anything of around the Armoury. Now she has become the Master of Shooting and is about to help with horse-riding also.

I believe I speak on behalf of the CCF and the school as well in saying that we are extremely proud of Captain Burrell-Taylor’s amazing achievement and honoured that she works at our school. She is truly an inspiration to all, and we hope she continues to do the school, as well as the country, proud.

Darius Moore (R, 2YS)