Daviesites swim for The Meath

Becca Taylor from Daviesites talks to The Oak following Daviesites’ sponsored swim for Godalming’s The Meath charity

How did Daviesites raise money for charity?

My house swam for 12 hours last Sunday from 8:30am-8:30pm in order to raise money for the Meath epilepsy trust. Each person did 2 half hour slots. We completed the challenge in the Queens Sports Centre in a 25m pool with 6 lanes. There were constantly people swimming. Members of the House standing at the end of each lane recorded the distance swum by each person. Seb Rimmer swam the furthest length in the half an hour, which was a whopping 70 lengths!

Could you tell me a little bit more about what the Meath charity does? 

The aim of the charity is to help those with severe epilepsy of all age groups. Those with the disabilities receive support and care from volunteers and taught new skills to allow themselves independence. The Meath is a local charity in Godalming.

How many people participated?

A big proportion of the house, approximately 30 people.

How did you find it?

I found it very tiring at first but then I got into a rhythm and it was not too bad. The support on the sideline made it all worthwhile and the house were always cheering us on. The fact it was for charity gave us all the motivation to persevere through the aching muscles. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was a memorable experience.

How much did you raise?

Currently, we have raised £3,700 but are hoping to break the £4,000 benchmark.

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