Film Review of the Week: Step Brothers

Years back at the Windridge Summer Camp in Vermont we all assembled one evening in the food hall to watch a movie. I was initially indifferent to what film it would be. Dana, of the councilors, got out Step Brothers starring the comedic heavyweights John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell, and I thought this could be decent. As my friends cheered, I questioned all the hype. As the film started to roll, there was non stop murmuring. I was staggered at the reception the film received without it even starting yet.

The film tells the story of two forty something men who have not grown up yet who are thrown together when their single parents, Robert and Nancy, decide to get married. Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) have a shaky start to say the least. However, when Brennan’s bully of a brother turns up with his a cappella crew of a family, the quote ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ comes into play.

What follows is the development of a brotherhood as well as the rise, and tragic fall of the ingenious Prestige Worldwide. Although they share admiration for Velociraptors and John Stamos, they are unable to stop their parents’ relationship from disintegrating and the household from falling apart. This tragedy forces Brennan and Dale to go out in the world, with Brennan taking on the Catalina Wine Mixer and Dale going into catering. During the event in Catalina they finally rekindle their parents’ love and ultimately, happiness.

106 minutes later, we all went back to our rooms all chanting the finale of Con Te Partiro. The next morning we assembled in the hall, all with smiles on our faces. To this day I joke with friends about the film and couldn’t have been luckier to have seen it.