Lonzo Ball: The new era of the Lakers?

After four years of the Lakers not making the playoffs and lacking in positivity, Lonzo is exactly what the Lakers need. After being named NBA Summer MVP, where he averaged 16.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 2.5 steels per game, there is no wonder that there is a lot of hope for this 19-year-old as he joins the Lakers.


During his first private Lakers training session after being drafted, the coaches noticed that he has a hard work rate and never complained, qualities that are very important for becoming better and the best in a sport. After watching the NBA Summer League, despite not having the best start, where he underperformed in his first game and his father dubbing it his “worst game ever”, he quickly got back to his feet and showed why he deserves to be in the Lakers. He played as a team player, doing some incredible full court passes and scoring some incredible baskets.


In his debut game against Timberwolves, he might not have had the best shooting game (scoring 2 for 9), but we can see that he is a great team player and has great vision with 8 assists. It is too early to tell whether or not he will meet these expectations that were created, as he has only just began and has a long time to improve. We could see this with Jason Kidd, who could hit a shot as a young player (developing as a shooter later), but had good vision and was a good team player, the same as Lonzo Ball.


All these expectations were created from the way he played in UCLA, however now this is another level of basketball, so he might not be as good as he was at UCLA. We also have to take into account that he’s only 19 and his first few matches as a Laker will be very overwhelming and he will have to get used to it.


By Leopold de Biolley