The New Science and Mathematics Building

George Lake Coghlan spoke to Mr Kazi about the building of the new Science and Mathematics Building…

The new Science and Maths blocks are coming as a massive update to a large part of the school’s academic areas, hoping to modernise opportunities in lessons, as the largest academic building project for a considerable amount of time…

Heads at construction site

What’s wrong with the current Science blocks?

To some people, this is already clear: our currently used Science block is without a doubt, too small: lacking proper space to expand and improve the quality of lessons, especially on the practical side. This disallows the subjects the ability to continue to evolve, and referencing Mr Turner’s assembly this week;¢ We must continue to expand – it is not possible for us to stand still in a rapidly advancing world’. The Science block was constructed in the 1930s, and had major refurbishments in the 1980s. It is noticeable to some that there has been little done to it since.

How did the idea for the project come up?

Towards the end of 2006, and at the start of 2007, a plan began to form of expanding the chemistry section with a new, and up to date extension, designed by the architects from ‘Design Engine’. In 2013 there was a major rethink about this idea, and a conclusion was made that Chemistry was not the only subject that could do with new developments. A decision was then reached to make improvements for all the Sciences and Maths.

What will the advantages be?

As well as being a much simpler task to scale the stairs to lessons, there are many new features, combined with this estimated £24 million architectural masterpiece. Alongside new, up to date equipment, there will be 7 new labs, 5 new classrooms, 2 prepping rooms, and a project research room, just for the Chemistry wing alone! This will allow the best delivery of chemistry lessons in a spacious and modern environment. It will also connect to the LT block, allowing smaller expansions to that area as well. Is has been designed in a similar style to that of the Modern Languages Centre.

When will it be ready?

Soon. As it is already in the second phase, it is expected that Chemistry shall be moving in at the start of the next school year, September 2018, with Physics, Biology and Maths swiftly following once Chemistry is settled in.

Now all that’s left is to await a new era of science lessons at Charterhouse…

Many thanks to Mr Kazi for information on the project.