Lack of Talent 2017

The annual spectacle that is Lack of Talent took place last week. The unfortunate omission of the Carthusian favourite ‘Brooke Hall sketch’ was to the student’s despair, however, the class performances by the other musicians compensated for this.


The show kicked off with Ayokunle Oshin: a Soundcloud rapper whose hit songs ‘Oh My!’ and ‘Flexin’ really got the crowd very energetic. The word ‘flexin’ is now very prevalent in Carthusian vocabulary and I’ve even overheard Beaks saying this!


Subsequently, there were a series of musical acts ranging from pop, to jazz, to heavy metal and even rock. Will Ellis’ performance captured the audience’s undivided attention and was met with a passionate round of applause.


The highlight of the show, however, was the fourth that could make the most extraordinary sounds with his mouth. As he narrated a story, every time he mentioned an action or occurrence, he’d make a corresponding sound to it. Met with laughs and pure awe, the audience was simply stunned with this unorthodox way of storytelling. The peak of astonishment was when he made the noises of planes landing and it literally sounded identical. Very brave from a fourth to stand in front of so many people and do that.


The show closed with everyone who participated on the show singing together, which really symbolized the togetherness of different cultures and talents in unison. The eclecticism, which is so evident in Charterhouse, really displayed how wonderful it was. Now looking forward to the Brooke Hall sketch!