‘Everyday Sexism’

Sexism is an issue that many of the girls and women all over the world face every day. Laura Bates, an incredibly well-regarded feminist and role model discussed the subject on Monday, highlighting the importance of raising awareness for the significance of gender equality when she spoke to all of the 1YS.

The presentation helped to highlight subtle but significant instances of sexism; even within the Charterhouse community. Her main message was that sexism cannot be viewed as an insurmountable problem, but should be directly addressed and solved. Bates discussed times at which she felt that she was in danger because of her gender such as when she was groped on the bus and, although everyone noticed, no one spoke up. She feels as though these acts have been normalized and are regarded as being part of a woman’s life. Its already been one week since we heard Laura Bates speak but people are still talking about it. We really feel that she has made an impact on the Charterhouse community, by raising awareness to the cause. We were really moved by what she said, and we have been paying more attention to everyday sexism, which we weren’t as conscious towards before.