What Boarding is Really Like – A 4th Form View

To all prospective parents and boys, your first few weeks at Charterhouse may seem daunting but this list will help you get through those first few days, and we can assure you that it does get better! This article will give you an insight on how we made our lives easier.

The main thing that made my life a lot harder and Nick’s a lot easier is that I just stuck to what was on the Charterhouse kit list for incoming fourths, which to be honest just stuck to the bare minimums. Whereas he had his brother, Michael, to give him more ‘unconventional’ details, for example the right amount of pot noodles.

We personally think that having confidence in yourself is very important. As you don’t want to be coming on too strong which usually ends up with other people thinking that you are too full of yourself.

At Charterhouse, we have a lot of international boarders. I spoke to a Fourth from Hong Kong about found out how he found boarding. He stated ‘At school I have more freedom than I do at home and therefore learn things like independence.’ At a boarding school, you do mainly everything on your own. Such as Mr Tully’s room checks to keep your room tidy and in order.

The last big mistake that some fourths make is that they don’t use their pink book although the teachers bang on and on about it, one of our friends Mathew managed to loose his pink book within the first 72 hours of being at Charterhouse and has had to ask other people for his homeworks (bancos).

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t really worry about things as you’ll end up getting the jist of things, we thought that we would never get the hang of words like ‘banco’ and ‘hashes’ but 2 weeks later we are using them all of the time. Other than the short effects of boarding school it also help develop you into a adult, Ben Fogle has said the “Without boarding school I’d be nobody”. This isn’t because the education is superior, boarding school teaches you skills that would not be acquired anywhere else.

By Yusuf Furniss and Nick Shutt