Meeting Jackie Iley

Jackie Iley began working as a former retail manager in the Charterhouse School Shop in 2006 and has continued working there until 2017 (a total of 11 years). Her son Ed (V) and Charlotte (B) both attended Charterhouse School and really enjoyed their time here.


When asked what the best thing about working at Charterhouse was she replied:

“You get to know everybody that works in the school from the Headmaster’s wife to the cleaning lady”


Asking her about her funniest experience at Charterhouse, she replied with quite the story: Once, ten years ago, during the last week of the summer holidays, an impatient parent who had clearly had a few too many, took it upon himself to try on a pair of school trousers in the middle of the shop floor.


During the whole of Jackie’s time here, she sad that the introduction of the Pre-U into the academic curriculum has been the biggest change since she has arrived.


The most humorous of the Charterhouse traditions are that of the Head Boy’s privileges. The first being the permission to grow a beard and the second (more amusing) to have the right to pet a goat on school grounds.


Jackie preceded her Charterhouse career by attending New College, Oxford to read PPE during the years 1990-1993. Throughout her time at Oxford, her aspirations were always of become a retail buyer for a London Fashion Company. After completing a graduate training at John Lewis, she became a buyer at Laura Ashley.


Before moving to Godalming, Jackie lived in Tokyo for four years (where both Ed and Charlotte were born), an experience, which she found difficult, to begin with as no one spoke a word of English and foreigners were unusual. However, Jackie powered through and taught herself conversational Japanese, making her daily encounters more manageable. She proceeded her Japanese encounters by moving to Singapore for six years, discovering different areas of Asia.


When asked her plans for retirement, Mrs Iley replied that she wished to travel to Amman and around parts of Europe, before returning to her house in France.