2YS Interview: Alicia Wilson

Alicia spoke to the Oak about her busy training schedule, balancing her swimming commitments with work and plans for the future…

How did you get into swimming?

I got into swimming through my older sister; she was encouraged to get into swimming after a swimming trial at our old school, so she joined a local club and I used to have to watch her swim a couple of times a week. Of course, it was incredibly boring to just watch and consequently, my mum enrolled me and my younger sister into the swimming club where I started to pursue my passion.

What is your training schedule, and how do you balance this with your academic studies? 

I train every morning and night Monday to Friday and Saturday morning (18 hours in the pool), plus four hours in the gym for land training.

It is hard to balance my academics and I do have to be very smart with my time management, often having to do a lot of homework on a Sunday when I do not train. I also have to be very smart with the P.Ss and get any work that can be done!


Why did you come to Charterhouse? What do you enjoy (or not enjoy!) about the school?

I came to Charterhouse because I had been at my previous school for 9 years and wanted a change and become more independent because of my ambitions to go to America to study for college. I love the teaching style at Charterhouse and enjoy each of my lessons because they are all very different and are full of diverse and interesting students.

What is your proudest achievement so far in swimming?

My proudest achievement in swimming so far is either getting a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships or winning the Commonwealth Youth Games for the 2000M.

Tell us a bit about your future plans – what are your plans for university and beyond? 

I plan to go to the University of California Berkeley where I will be able to study and swim with an incredible team of Olympians and international athletes. I wish to reach my full potential at Cal and after when I have it is my plan to go on and do a postgraduate degree or a Ph.D. I am not yet sure what I want to study!

What advice would you give to anybody who is interested in competing at a high level in sport? 

Definitely enroll in a club because you will be surrounded in an environment with like-minded athletes and meet new friends who understand the commitment you are making. For me I like having academics and swimming separated because it gives me an outlet and time to mentally recharge away from the swimming pool, however, this is not always the case for each athlete and sometimes people like to mix both. Excelling in your sport and in the classroom is very achievable if you have the right support staff around you.

Thank you Alicia! Alicia recently competed in a race in Texas – link here: 

Mystery Individual Medley (Texas, USA)