Charity Committee supports South African Primary School

The Charity Committee of 2016-17 chose to support Mellon Educate at the parents’ Charity dinner in May 2017.

Charity Dinner
Charity Dinner at Charterhouse, May 2017

Mellon Educate is a development charity founded by developer & philanthropist Niall Mellon in 2002. In 2013  a 10-year education development programme was drawn up which aims to provide better education to more than 100,000 African children.

The Charity Dinner raised over £20,000 in total, which has been used to build the new ‘Charterhouse classroom’ in Ummangaliso Primary School, in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town. The classroom is now home to some of the youngest members of the school, and we have been told they are delighted with it!

Children Charterhouse plaque
Children of Ummangaliso outside the Charterhouse Classroom

The money raised by children in these schools have been told about Charterhouse and the fundraising which has been done. They were keen to pass on this message to the Charterhouse community!:

In October, Miss Hawkins visited several of the Schools supported by the Charity and was amazed to see the scale of the investment and engagement by Mellon Educate.
“It was fascinating to see the way in which Mellon are working in these schools. They work on the basis that by improving the schools and education in the most deprived townships, young people’s lives and their communities will be transformed. But, they recognize that this work has to be done on a range of scales – from the small-scale ‘walking bus’ which accompanies children on their journey to school through some of the most frightening areas – to large-scale work alongside the department for Education.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Mellon Educate partner schools on some exciting projects in 2018! Watch this space…

Charterhouse plaque
Plaque beside the ‘Charterhouse Classroom’ in Ummangaliso Primary School