An Unfiltered International Perspective of Charterhouse

First things first, we hate everything about this country. Let’s get that out of the way quickly. Alright maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration – I mean how could I say something so blatantly untrue – the weather here is impeccable. On a more serious note, Charterhouse is an amazing place for international students, mostly because there are so many of us. There are a multitude of nationalities represented in the school’s diverse population – ranging from Italian to Russian to Nigerian, all cultures are represented. By the way, you Britons might wonder why we like to socialize with each other. It’s just great to have a sense of home while in a foreign country – it’s quite refreshing. Charterhouse is truly a great place for international students. And also in case you’re wondering why this article is so positive despite negative connotations in the title, it’s called clickbait.