Farewell Dr.Nelson

Sadly Dr Nelson, a highly respected member of Brooke Hall and a much loved beak has announced that he will be leaving the school this summer. Dr Nelson is a highly appreciated chemistry beak who has helped many pupils achieve good grades in chemistry. He has taught here at Charterhouse for about two years now. He has also been a wonderful tutor for many boys in Daviesites and has helped them thorough the good and the bad times in their lives for the past two years. After talking to him we learned a bit more about where he was previously, and a more in-depth version of his time here:

Dr Nelson joined Charterhouse almost two years ago, previously having taught at Oxford University for over ten years. Having been in the CCF for five years before coming to Charterhouse, he quickly involved himself in the RAF section, as he finds this activity very meaningful, and plans to continue it at the King’s School, Canterbury. He has also been included in sport, this year taking the fourth’s academy teams in football and hockey, with the intent of providing a fun experience for all. He also praised the recent TEDEx/UnCharTed exhibitions, as he particularly enjoyed them. He has enjoyed being part of Daviesites these last few years, and leaves them with the message, “have a grip on what you’re doing.” He expressed his pride in his Specialist forms this year as well, and leaves Charterhouse with a message for all of perseverance, and most importantly, having a smile.

Thank you Dr Nelson, we will miss you! (especially the  Daviesite boys).